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ANML Vapors

ANML Vapors

At Vapour.UK we love variety, so we’re always looking for the best new eliquids to add to our range. Not everything we find makes the grade, but whenever something stands out as being really special we’ll do our best to get it in stock. These great juices from ANML have definitely earned their place.

ANML Vapors is a new project by one of America’s leading celebrity juice mixers, Phillip Rocke, and if you’ve been vaping mass produced liquids up to now you’re definitely in for a treat. Rocke takes attention to detail to a whole new level, creating incredibly realistic flavours, and his previous lines – Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors – have picked up some rave reviews. With ANML we think he’s improved on even that high standard.

Rocke is a great believer in artisan liquids – hand mixed in small batches, to recipes that have been tested and tweaked repeatedly until they’re just right. That gives him time to focus on every aspect of the experience, and the result is an vape that’s second to none.

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