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Old Fashioned Elixir

Although there are hundreds of amazing e-liquid flavours on the market now, sometimes nothing satisfies like a good tobacco. Especially if you’re new to vaping, a decent tobacco liquid can add the touch of familiarity that keeps you from craving an actual cigarette – and some are good enough that you just want to enjoy them for their own sake. That’s definitely the case for Old Fashioned Elixir’s range of US-made tobacco juices; they’re so good that we just had to have them.

A lot of “tobacco” liquids don’t really taste of tobacco at all, but Old Fashioned Elixir isn’t just any liquid. These flavours have been expertly blended to come as close to the authentic tobacco taste as you can get without actually setting leaves on fire, and the results are spectacular. Choose from a cool menthol aptly named Ocean Mint or three plain tobaccos – American Red Leaf, American Gold Leaf  and a smooth Turkish tobacco blend Desert Oasis   – that replicate brands we’re not going to name (you can probably guess what they are though).

Old Fashioned Elixir has a 70/30 mix of VG and PG, at home on a standard resistance clearomiser also making it ideal for a dripper or sub-ohm tank. All ingredients are US pharma or food grade, and you can choose nicotine strengths from 0 to 24mg.

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