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POPBARS Coconut Ice Cream

POPBARS Coconut Ice Cream

Popbars is the latest juice line from California artisans CRFT, and with Cocodew they’ve got it off to a spectacular start. Popbars seem to be developing an ice cream bar theme and if they keep going like this it we can see them becoming very popular. Already Best is Show award winner - Vape Summit 4 LA

Cocodew starts off with a blend of tropical coconut and sweet honeydew melon, creating a cool, refreshing vape. A touch of luxury is added via a sprinkling of toasted almond, then the whole concoction is set off with a backnote of smooth ice cream. This is a perfect summery vape and we’re very excited to have it in our range.

This liquid is mixed with 65% VG to give outstanding vapour production, plus 35% PG to bring out its bold taste. It works perfectly in drippers or sub ohm tanks, and us available with up to 12 mg/ml nicotine.

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