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The Cloud Company

The Cloud Company

If you love Suicide Bunny e-liquids then you are going to absolutely adore The Cloud Company range. Imagine the classic much loved flavours given a new twist and by twist we mean more creams - more dazzling flavours and more clouds!

It’s still blended by the world’s most famous – and most brilliant – Suicide Bunny founder and mixologist the delightful Pip Gresham, famous for her first creation Mother’s Milk and her knack of thinking up perfect e-liquid combinations paired up with her natural skill of blending making her first range a worldwide vaping sensation. Now Pip has turned her attention to her new range in The Cloud Company stable and she’s really gone to town on these. Just when you thought e-liquids couldn’t get any richer Pip delivers the most unctuous sweet on the lips vape delights that have to be tasted to be believed.

It’s not only for the flavour chasers either. The cloud chuckers are gonna love this juice! Every juice in the Cloud Company range contains 90% VG - which means you are guaranteed billowing thick vapour for days and days.

Great flavours – superb clouds – an expert mixologist – what’s not to like!

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