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Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady

A huge part of vaping’s appeal is the way you can experience practically any flavour you want. A talented mixer can reproduce the most exotic tastes – juicy fruits, decadent desserts or complex tobaccos. But would anyone want to reproduce school dinners?

To vapers of a certain age there’s probably nothing more terrifying than the thought of school dinners. No matter how big a custard fan you are, do you really want to bring back the taste of that thin, lumpy stuff that dinner ladies used to ladle over your wedge of tasteless fruit dumpling?

Well, don’t panic. Dinner Lady aim to recapture the classic tastes of traditional desserts, but they’re all about quality. Their flavours might be simple classics, but they’re expertly blended from top class ingredients. Each one picks a handful of delicious elements and balances them perfectly, making each of them your potential new all-day vape.

So far there are eight liquids in the Dinner Lady collection, and we really can’t pick a favourite; they’re all truly amazing. Pick the one that brings back the best memories – or try them all!