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If you appreciate the finest e-liquids you might already be familiar with the DRPN Vape Company. Their DRPN Donuts range has been a huge success among dessert fans, as it richly deserves – but it’s what you might call slightly niche. Of course most people like doughnuts, but why not branch out a bit? That’s what DRPN have now done, with their new Numrls range.

Numrls have all the craftsmanship that went into making Donuts so delicious, but the style is subtly different. Donuts is a glorious riot of dessert flavours, while Numrls is a little darker, a little more experimental. DRPN haven’t held their imaginations in check here, and while the taste combinations may raise eyebrows – tobacco and cream, anyone? – the results are truly amazing.

These are flavours that deserve to be explored and appreciated at leisure. Anyone can make an apple or coffee flavour, but it’s harder to pull off tobacco and cream. DRPN, we’re happy to say, have done it. So recoil your favourite dripper and load up with one of these sub-ohm sensations.

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