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El Diablo 50/50

El Diablo 50/50

When you combine a love of baking with a natural talent for blending perfect e-liquids you’ll get some idea what El Diablo is all about. The devil they say is in the detail and the details around this magical mixes are simple – they are delicious!

Devilishly good ingredients blended and mixed in the UK come together in the ultimate fruit and bakery juice range that will have you convinced they’ve cast a spell on you! The guys at El Diablo not only take pride in their creations but lace each one with love. They believe that whilst taste is oh so important – the whole sensory pleasure of vaping on a premium e-liquid is important too.

So expect a complete sensory overload from an amazing aroma and incredible taste sensation and tons of billowy sweet smelling clouds. Perfectly balanced PG 50% VG 50% ideal for for all vape devices including vape pens such as the Innnokin Endura and the Aspire K series.

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