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Froot says ‘less is best’ and when it comes to the ingredients inside your e-liquid that’s an old adage we firmly believe in. This US based company takes what goes into their e-liquids very seriously indeed – if there’s no need for it – it doesn’t get in – simple as that. With just two flavours in the range – Razberi and Bango – these juices are as close to ‘all natural’ you can possibly get. But hey don’t take our word for it – even though with other glowing reviews (from known hard task master e-liquid reviewers), let’s hear what they have to say:

“Hello, we're Froot… and we're bringing simple back! With the seemingly endless flow of new juices and flavour profiles hitting our shelves worldwide, it became crystal clear to us at Froot that gone were the days of vaping what it says on the tin. We decided to change all of that! We bring you an all new e-liquid collection that tastes exactly as you'd expect it to... No gimmicks, no nasties - just Froot!”

Let’s just say these guys have absolutely nailed it and if you like fruity e-liquids bursting with flavor these are gonna blow your minds!

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