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Illusions by 12 Monkeys

Canada’s vaping scene is in a strange place. Nobody’s sure if it’s even legal to sell liquids there, so what are the chances of the country producing some quality juices? You might think they’re not very high – and you’d be wrong. Canada does have a blending scene, and some of what it turns out is very good indeed. That’s definitely the case with Illusions Vapor from the makers of the renowned and top selling Twelve Monkeys range of liquids..

Illusions Vapor take mixing seriously, but you won’t find inspiration from any celebrity chefs here. Their flavours have a distinctly gritty, urban theme about them; bold, brash and powerful, these are the liquids you want when subtlety isn’t on the menu. Vivid fruits, rich bakery notes and creamy desserts combine into a taste experience you’ll never forget.

As well as awesome flavours, Illusions pay a lot of attention to quality and safety. They use the highest quality ingredients, sourced in Canada wherever possible, and all mixing is done in a certified clean room. These amazing liquids are as safe as they are delicious!

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