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Jimmy the Juice Man

Jimmy the Juice Man

Yeah Jimmy is indeed a real guy and yeah he’s most definitely a vaper. He’s actually a vaper with a discerning taste who when he started out only vaped on the premium of the premium – the crème de la crème of e-liquids. That’s where the story began and how Jimmy became the Juiceman!

Based in Chicago he began making a few flavours for his own use but as seems to be the case friends and family just couldn’t get enough and the legend was born. Nowadays Jimmy makes juices for the whole world to enjoy and his out of this world flavour combinations are loved by many. From the freshest fruits – the sweetest desserts Jimmy likes to put his own spin on things and oh boy does that spin work!

If it’s premium flavoursome US made stand out from the crowd e-liquids you’re after then Jimmy the Juiceman is your man!

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