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King's Crown

King's Crown

We always aim to bring you the best of UK-sourced e-liquids but there are a many US brands that are just so good we can’t resist them. That’s why we’re pleased to offer you Kings Crown, the latest from the creators of the acclaimed Suicide Bunny range. Kings Crown offer a small selection so far, but you still get four amazing juices to choose from.

Kings Crown seem to love creating unusual but delicious combinations. They also have a flair for drama – their liquids have names like Fight Your Fate and Bound by the Crown. These names actually suit them very well; something simpler just wouldn’t do them justice. Claim Your Throne for example, is a spectacularly sweet blend of butterscotch, cream and brown sugar, and it’s awesome enough to deserve its royal title.

These liquids are optimised for best performance in drippers and low resistance sub-ohm tanks, with a 70% VG to 30% PG mix. You certainly won’t have any problems blowing amazing clouds with Kings Crown, and the PG ensures that the flavour comes through loud and clear too.

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