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Mods and atomisers are important. A big part of getting vaping to work for you is finding the right gear and setting it up the way you like. That’s only part of the story though, and probably not even half. It doesn’t matter how good your kit is – if you don’t have a good liquid to fill it with you won’t get a good vape.

One of the most exciting things that’s happened in vaping has been the explosion of new, high-quality liquids from a whole range of makers. There’s no need to take your chances with a handful of dubious synthetic tobaccos and nondescript fruits, because you can get a premium juice in just about any flavour you want. Whole new categories have appeared, and great new twists have been added to familiar ones. For a talented juice mixer there are almost no limits and that creative power has had amazing results.

We’ve put together a large and growing range of the best liquids from both sides of the Atlantic, covering the whole spectrum from natural tobacco extracts to luscious desserts and Coffee classics like Catch ya Latte. Whether you use a standard tank system or extreme sub ohm dripper we have juices that will give you the perfect balance of flavour and clouds. With our select liquids you can make your vaping experience complete.

The huge variety of eliquids sounds fantastic.. and simple enough... or is it?
There are some rules to take note of.

Most vape pens are best suited with eliquids up to and no more than VG 60%
Why? Most vape pens contain a 'standard coil' this is the part which heats up the eliquid. For most vape pens the standard coil does not provide a consistent enough vapour production and a liquid which is to thick may clog up the coil or cause the device to malfunction. This type of coil is normally referred to as 1.0ohm, 1.5ohm and above. We have 100's of eliquids suited to vape pens here.

Recently new Vape Pen style devices for beginners may have sub-ohm (below 1.0ohm coils) The type of coils is stated on each device. Below 1.0ohm - this is capable of heating higher viscosity liquids (above 60%) into vapour clouds.

Check the device you're using and the coil inside the tank. 1.0 ohm and above - good with up to and not recommended more than VG 60% eliquid.

When using a sub-ohm coil, for example below 1.0ohm or 0.6ohm, 0.5ohm, 0.16ohm etc they provide enough power and will work with most eliquids.