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Liquid Nation

Florida is producing some really exciting premium liquids right now, but the hub of the artisan juice industry is still in California – with Los Angeles as the jewel in the crown. We’re always excited when a new juice maker emerges in LA, because there’s an excellent chance we’re in for a treat. Now the city has done it again, with the appearance of this fantastic range from Liquid Nation.

Liquid Nation seem to have set out on a world tour of dessert vape flavours, picking one country at a time then creating a liquid based on an iconic element of its flavour cuisine. Canada, for example, there’s an amazing flavour based on doughnuts glazed with strawberry maple syrup.

So far there are three flavours to choose from – Italy, France Canada – but that leaves us very hopeful for the future. There are more than 200 nations, and we’d love to see these mixing wizards celebrate them all.

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