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Little Head Vapor

Little Head Vapor

We always like to see some imagination going into liquids, so Little Head Vapor was an instant hit. A new venture by Nitro Vapor, this amazing range brings you a selection of fruit and dessert flavours along with a generous dose of amazing presentation. We’re really impressed with Little Head and we’re looking forward to their line-up expanding.

Little Head is aimed solidly at the premium end of the market and Nitro Vapor put some serious effort into finding the best mixing talent they could find for the project. Then, while the flavour wizards were doing their thing, they went in search of a bottle designer – but we’ll come back to that. Meanwhile three incredible liquids were developed, tested, refined and tested again until they were perfect. Fruit, cookies, toffee… all simple flavour elements, but ones that Little Head have turned into complex and intriguing taste experiences.

In case you’re wondering about the name Little Head, that’s where the bottle designer comes in. These liquids are available in custom bottles that look like… a little head. It’s a quirky and amusing touch, and it certainly makes them stand out on your shelf. In fact it’s just the sort of quality bottle these juices deserve.

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