If you’re a dripping enthusiast, but don’t want the hassle of making your own eliquid, you probably know how few options you have for buying high-VG juice off the shelf. Tank users are well catered for but your choices are a lot more limited. We have some good news for you – Fallstreak are doing their bit to change that.

Fallstreak is brought to you by the celebrated Colonel Boom’s Bang Bang Juice, as a special brand dedicated to very high VG eliquids. Their Silver line is mixed with 80% VG; the upcoming Gold and Platinum lines will contain 90% and 100%. If you’re looking for a juice that will vape smoothly in your dripper and give you rich, dense vapour then Fallstreak was made for you. Of course these eliquids also work perfectly in the latest generation of sub ohm tanks.

In case you’re worried about weak flavour with such a high VG content, don’t be. Fallstreak eliquid benefits from Colonel Boom’s generous approach to flavourings, so every note will come through loud and clear even at 100% VG. Fallstreak also have an active approach to safety; all liquids are independently lab tested to screen out any possible worries.

• Massive VG content for perfect dripping
• Certified free of diacetyl and AP

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