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Generals Juices

Right chaps, fall in. Silence in the ranks there! Sergeant, take that man’s name. Okay, listen in; today I’m going to brief you on Generals Juices, our best defence against bored tastebuds.

A lot of research has gone into Generals Juices, so what you’ll be issued with is a sophisticated system using multiple munitions types to take complete control of your enjoyment. There’s a Generals Juice for any tactical situation; from 'the Fusilier Fruit Bowl' all the way up to 'General Custard' himself, there are no empty shelves in this armoury.

Accuracy and precision are essential, so Generals Juices carefully aim the PG content of each juice to hit the flavour target dead centre. There’s also enough VG to create a dense screen of vapour when you need some extra camouflage.

Generals Juices have collected an impressive medal bar, including a 2014 Ecigclick nomination for Best New Brand and the Drippa award for Excellence in Flavour. Intelligence reports also suggest that the General has passed strict purity and safety tests at an independent research facility.

Well trooper, I think that’s everything you need to know. It’s time to get your tanks on parade and bombed up with a full load of Generals Juices.

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