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Mello Buddha

Mello Buddha

Sometimes the name of a brand tells you all you need to know about it. Mello Buddha is the perfect example. Evoking visions of relaxing in the exotic East, these five amazing liquids deliver everything they promise.

Mello Buddha juices are produced by Liquid Sciences, one of the leaders in mixing technology and the makers of Naked Fish eliquid. Each of their flavours is imagined, tested and tweaked to perfection by a team of blending wizards, and when it’s perfect the recipe goes to a state of the art production facility in Irvine, California. This ensures that every batch is precisely mixed to deliver the same amazing taste. It goes without saying that the facility’s clean room standards deliver unbeatable quality, too.

So what do they taste like? Mello Buddha’s signature theme is fruit. A lot of imagination has gone into the flavours, and there are variations on iced tea and cupcakes, but all of them have fruit as a key element. If you like sweet vapes these are going to be a real treat.

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