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Monarch Supreme (discontinued)

There aren’t many places with as many talented, enthusiastic juice makers as California, and especially the southern part of that state. It seems like every week we hear of a new brand, and some of them are really excellent. Not all are up to the standard we’re looking for but Monarch Supreme E-Liquid definitely make the grade. So far their range is small, but the three flavours they’ve released so far are excellent and we expect to see more great juices from them in the future.

Monarch are squarely in the craftsmanship camp when it comes to mixing; they believe in carefully hand-selecting the best ingredients, then mixing them in small batches to ensure perfect consistency. All blending is done by hand, so every bottle comes out tasting just the way it’s supposed to.

So far we have three Monarch flavours to offer you – a creamy blueberry yoghurt, a refreshing strawberry, watermelon and kiwi blend or a sweet cereal. Any one of them makes an excellent choice, with bold, sophisticated taste notes and a smooth finish that shows real artistry. Trying out a new juice brand is always exciting, and we think you’re going to really enjoy getting to know this one.

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