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Space Jam

We don’t decide to add an imported liquid to our range lightly; we’re always keen to bring you the best UK-made juices, and there are a lot to choose from. Some US brands are irresistible though, so we’ve picked out a few of the very best. Naturally Space Jam is one of them. All the way from California, Space Jam liquids have a worldwide reputation for quality and they absolutely deserve it.

Space Jam enjoy pushing boundaries when it comes to flavour combinations, and they’ve come up with some really surprising ones. Would you think of making a tobacco, cream and vanilla liquid? Space Jam did; it’s called Eclipse and it’s amazing. You’ll also find an array of carefully selected fruit blends with imaginative touches that make all the difference. The effort that’s gone into getting these flavours just right is incredible, and the results speak for themselves. Whether you’re looking for an all-day vape or an after dinner treat, Space Jam have the juice you’ve been looking for.

To give you the perfect balance of flavour and vapour production Space Jam original range is made with a 50/50 mix of PG and VG and now a select few flavours have been produced in a higher VG blend. You’ll find the higher VG works better in both drippers or Sub Ohm tanks. The choice of nicotine strengths runs from 0 to 18mg.

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