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Taffy Man

One of the best things about sweet vapes is that they let you indulge in all those things you just know are bad for you, but taste too delicious to pass up. Vaping is a calorie-free way to enjoy the taste without all the weight-related consequences – and Taffy Man have taken advantage of that to create some amazing candy juices.

Taffy Man are based in California, which is always a good sign if you’re looking for exquisitely crafted gourmet liquids, but they’ve taken their signature taste from the other side of the country. Salt water taffy is a classic New Jersey beach resort delicacy – a soft, light form of toffee with an interesting hint of salt.

Some would argue that salt water taffy is already as tasty as it gets, but Taffy Man think it can be made even better – and once you’ve tasted their flavours it’s hard to argue. They’ve expertly blended their taffy base with a range of incredible fruit notes, creating some perfect all day vapes.

The Taffy Man range is mixed on a 70% VG, 30% PG base, giving a perfect blend of flavour and clouds. They’re available in nicotine strengths from 0 to 12mg/ml, too, so you can enjoy them in a wide range of atomisers.

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