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The Essentials

t’s always exciting to hear about a new e-liquid brand hitting the market – and it’s even better when a pair of popular juice artists team up for a collaborative venture. Top liquid makers tend to be pretty good at everything (or they wouldn’t be top) but there are usually one or two things they’re really good at, and bringing two of them together combines those talents into something truly special. The good news is that’s exactly what you can expect from The Essentials.

The Essentials is a cooperation between Craft Vapery and Beard Vape Co, and that should be enough to let you know you’re in for a treat. Craft Vapery have made a name for themselves by releasing some very quirky and beautifully balanced flavours, while Beard are renowned for the quality of their blending. Put them together and the result is a selection of liquids that will just blow your mind.

So far The Essentials range contains three liquids, all of them original ideas. Two are bakery flavours and one is a classic cocktail; all are excellent. If you’re looking for something different, and you have high standards, these are going to suit you perfectly.

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