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Menthol vapes are one of the most popular styles – but also one of the trickiest to get right. On top of that we all have our own preferences, and these might be more individual with menthol than anything else. Some prefer a delicate hint of freshness blended with a classic tobacco; others, the Extra Strong Mint fans of the vaping world, want a sinus-clearing mentholated blast. If you’re looking for something between those extremes you might like the new TNGL range.

TNGL have crafted a selection of refreshing vapes that combine delicious fruit flavours with a chill burst of menthol. So far there are three available – citrus, melon and passion fruit. Each of them is a masterpiece of blending, striking a perfect balance between the fruit and menthol notes, and every one of them is perfect for those times you want a fresh, energising vape.

These are all high VG liquids with a 70/30 blend, and they’re available with nicotine strengths from zero to 6mg/ml. That makes them perfect for any dripper or sub-ohm tank – you’ll get backs of clouds as well as plenty of flavour.

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