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Verdict Vapors

Verdict Vapors

Some things taste so good you just can’t believe they’re legal – and Verdict Vapors aren’t going to convince you otherwise. This crime-themed dessert range will assault your senses with its carefully blended flavours

Verdict are based in California, a state that’s become justifiably famous for its lively and innovative mixing scene. Some of their neighbours are hard acts to follow but Verdict have made an audacious grab for top ranking, and we think they’re going to win a lot of fans. So far there are three flavours in the range – and each of them has been blended to perfection. In fact Verdict’s blending is excellent even by California’s standards, because they’ve really used their imagination – their flavour creator is a leading wine sommelier, an expert in complex but balanced tastes.

As well as their mixing artistry, Verdict have deployed plenty of science. Their liquids are created in an FDA certified clean room using high-purity ingredients, for an unrivaled quality of vape.

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