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Why is my tank leaking?

    If you experience a leak then your tank will tend to leak from three main areas, the base, the airflow holes or the mouthpiece. We will have a look at why below-

    From the base

    Leaking through the base of the tank can also be caused by a pressure issue, but also a lesser known cause can be a loose insulator. Check the seal around the pin in the connector is securely fitted, if it has come loose with some tanks this can cause seepage from the base.

    From the airflow holes

    Leaking from the airflow holes is the most common leaking occurrence, and can be the source of frustration for many a user.

    One of the most common occurrences is when a rebuildable tank does not have enough wick covering the airflow holes, and e-liquid is seeping through the juice channels and out through the airflow holes.

    Probably the biggest cause of a tank leaking through the airflow holes is that not everything is screwed down correctly and the tank is not making a correct seal, which leads to depressurisation, and the juice will leak out of the nearest available hole, which tends to be the airflow holes.

    Check everything is screwed together correctly and the o-rings are making a correct seal.

    Don’t over-tighten though, as this can also cause issues! Usually when you start to meet resistance when tightening that tends to be enough.

    From the mouthpiece

    If your tank is leaking from the mouthpiece then this is usually down to your coil becoming flooded with juice, which means you usually need to up the power to compensate for this. Blowing through the mouthpiece can also clear the excess juice away.

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    Why is my tank spitting and gurgling?

    Your tank will usually spit and gurgle if it is over wicking, or if you have mistakenly got juice into the chimney.

    Try upping the power, and blowing through you mouthpiece to clear it. To do this remove the tank, hold tissue under the tank and blow through the mouthpiece.

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    Why is my tank / mouthpiece getting hot?

    With the mouthpiece, more commonly known as a drip tip, heat is usually a result of you using your tank at high power, and heat is being transferred to the drip tip.

    Stainless Steel drip tips are usually the worst culprits.

    Either lower the power if you find this uncomfortable, open the airflow at the base of the drip tip if your tank has top airflow, or try a drip tip manufactured from a heat insulating material, such as Delrin.

    If you are using a fixed wattage/fixed power device then overheating of the drip tip can be caused by your ‘draw’ being too long and hard. Try and go easy when taking a drag and draw in gently for 2-3 seconds max.

    Remember, the way you vape is different to the way you would take a drag on a cigarette!

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    How long does a coil / atomiser head last?

    This really does vary wildly depending on the particular coil, your own usage and what juices are being used with the coil for instance.

    Most coils these days from reputable manufacturers will last around a week and a half to two weeks for instance, even with heavy use, but variables can of course affect this.

    If you vape heavily, this can cause your coil lifespan to deplete.

    Using thick VG heavy juices will run down the lifespan of your coil, high power can affect lifespan as well as the type of e juice, juices heavy in natural sugars such as tobacco flavours can break down coils quickly.

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    How do I know when to change my coil / atomiser head?

    You will begin to get a very nasty taste, reminiscent of burning, or in some instances very little taste at all. If you get either of those, it’s time to change your coil.

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    What is resistance and Ohms and how do I know what to choose?

    Ohms is a measure of electrical resistance or how freely a current can travel through something.

    A higher resistance coil, these days generally defined as a coil with a resistance of above 1 ohm, will give you a better battery lifespan, usually better flavour as it is less intense, and uses less juice.

    A lower resistance coil, defined as a coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm (or Sub Ohm), will lower battery lifespan but give you big vapour production as it is able to handle higher power.

    You will need to ensure you are fully clued up on battery safety and Ohm’s Law before using coils with Sub Ohm resistances, it can be very dangerous!

    If you wish to vape for flavour, go for a higher resistance (1ohm+) coil, if you want clouds, you will need a lower resistance coil, commonly known as a ‘Sub Ohm Coil’ as this will have a resistance of under 1 ohm and be more suited for higher power.

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    Why won't my Mod/battery charge?

    First off, you want to check the connection of the charger to the battery and make sure it is securely connected.

    You also need to ensure the charger is suitable for the battery.

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    How long will my Mod/battery last before I need to re charge?

    There are many factors that can affect this, such as the resistance of your coil, battery mAh rating, selected wattage and your own personal vaping habits.

    For example, a low resistance sub ohm coil (such as 0.5Ohm), with a 2100 mAh battery and a selected wattage of 50w vaped heavily may only last a few hours at most.

    A higher resistance coil (such as 1.8 Ohm), with a 2500 mAh battery, vaped moderately at 15w may well last you an entire day, if not more!

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    The display on my device is flashing, why?

    This is indicating there is a problem with your device. Check the atomizer is screwed in fully, the resistance of the coil is not lower than what the device can handle and that the battery has not depleted.

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    What charger should I use? Can I use my phone charger or another charger I have in my house?

    You should use the charger supplied with your device or one recommended for it, and phone chargers are not recommended to charge your devices as they tend to output more power than what your device can handle.

    Only use recommended chargers intended for the e cig product you have.

    If in doubt get in touch.

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    Why is my mod getting hot?

    Mods may get warm and this not unusual but if your mod is getting very hot then this may be indicating that there may be a short circuit present, loose connection or a battery issue. You should stop using it immediately.

    All of the mods we sell are regulated and have safety features built in if a short was to occur.

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    What is the mAh rating on a battery?

    The milliampere-hour (mAh, mA.h) is the measurement of how much charge your battery can hold and how long your battery will last in use. Higher figures equal longer lasting batteries. Similar to the petrol tank on a car, the bigger the tank the more fuel it will hold.

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    Why does my e-liquid taste burnt?

    There are four main reasons that you will get a burned taste from your E-Liquid.

    1. Your coil needs changing, as the cotton has become burnt or over saturated from excessive use.
    2. You have set your wattage too high on your device, and your wicking is unable to keep up, so drop the wattage down a little.
    3. You have not allowed enough time for your e liquid to saturate into your coil. When using a new coil head allow at least 5 minutes after filling your tank before you vape.
    4. The nicotine strength is too high for the coil resistance and power you are using, resulting in a horrible harshness. Consider dropping your nicotine strength!

    Unfortunately, if you do burn your coil then the damage is irreversible and you will have to replace the coil.

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    I opened my e-liquid, it smells strange. Why?

    Sometimes, the smell of an e liquid doesn’t do justice to the actual taste of it.

    Many factors can affect both the smell and the taste of a liquid, such as how freshly mixed it is and how long it has been exposed to heat and sunlight.

    Putting it away in a dark cupboard to allow the flavours to mature, also commonly known as steeping, will also affect the smell and perhaps make it more palatable in some instances.

    E liquid tends to have a long shelf life of between 12-24 months on average, so it’s unlikely that it has gone ‘off’. The best way to find out is to vape it!

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    Why does my e-liquid taste strange?

    As above, many factors can affect both the smell and the taste of a liquid, such as how freshly mixed it is and how long it has been exposed to heat and sunlight.

    Giving it a steep in some instances can work wonders!

    Other reasons can include the nicotine strength being too high, or this particular juice just not agreeing with your taste buds. What is an amazing juice for one vape can be horrible for another.

    It’s unlikely that it is a bad mix or contamination, due to the strict quality control procedures virtually all major e liquid producers use.

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    What is PG/VG in e liquid and which mix percentage should I choose?

    PG, or Propylene Glycol

    PG is typically the main flavour carrier in an E-Liquid and is also used to amplify the ‘throat hit’ of a juice.

    Typically, juices with a higher PG ratio will commonly provide a stronger throat hit.

    PG has been deemed safe to use and is also commonly found in Asthma inhalers, however some people have a sensitivity to PG, which commonly presents itself in the form of itching or wheezing amongst other symptoms, and these people find they need to use a juice with a higher VG ratio, or a 100% VG juice.

    VG, or Vegetable Glycerin

    VG is a sweet liquid that provides smoothness and also increases cloud production.

    Juices with a higher VG ratio tend to be much smoother, and provide bigger clouds than juices with a higher PG ratio.

    High VG juices tend to be the juices of choice for people who enjoy cloud chasing.

    VG has also been deemed as safe to use and is commonly found in medicines as well as used in baking.

    A downside of high VG juices is that they tend to be very thick and some atomizers will struggle to wick them, leading to dry hits.

    The mix percentage you should use is entirely down to preference, newcomers should perhaps start with a 50/50 mix and explore their options from there, maybe leaning towards higher PG if you prefer flavour or higher VG if you like big clouds.

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    What nicotine strength should I buy?

    This is one that will vary per person.

    A good place to start for someone who has just quit smoking and was a moderate smoker would be 12mg/ml if using a tank that has a coil resistance above 1ohm.

    Heavier smokers, such as those on 20 a day plus should start at 18mg/ml or even 24mg/ml.

    If you find it too harsh simply try the next level down. If using a tank that uses sub ohm coils we would recommend no higher than 6mg/ml as you may find the nicotine hit very strong if using higher strength nicotine.

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