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Its simple to earn, save and spend your points. Points are just a way of thanking you for your orders and giving you something back in return for your loyalty.


How do i earn points?

Currently with each and every purchase you will receive 3% of the order value back in points.


How do i save points?

Its easy. All you have to do is opt to register at checkout. Just enter a password and the account is created automatically and saved.


How can i spend points?

Next time you make a purchase you have the option to use the points against your order. You have the choice - use as many or as few as you want or save them to use another day. 

Though, please remember points have to be used within 90 days. Not to worry, we will send you a quick reminder email 5 days before.


Where can i see my points?

Log in to your account page. Check your balance and see how many points you have saved or used.